Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Before Shipping

When to ship my order?

The seller is the supplier and direct shipper of your order. Once the order is placed, a supply and preparation time is needed before the package can be shipped. In general, the package must be shipped before the estimated shipping time, which can be viewed on the order detail page. Otherwise you can cancel the order directly on a PC computer. To know the expected shipping date, you can contact the seller directly by Message from the order concerned.

How soon will I receive my items after my order placed?

There are two key factors that will decide when you will receive your items.

1.     Item Processing Time: The processing time is the time it takes for the seller to prepare the item(s) for shipment. There are different processing times for different items depending on product category and volume.

2.     Shipping Method: Delivery time varies with shipping method. Time in transit varies depending on where you’re located and where your package is coming from. You can contact Skynexst Support for more detail about the delivery time.

When you make an order you can also check the shipping time:

 Also, delivery may be delayed for holidays or natural accidents. If you want to communicate with the seller about shipping and service details, you can contact seller by clicking “Online Chat” or “Message Seller” in the Seller Information area.

How do I change my shipping address?

You can change your delivery address before the package is shipped. However, the country of delivery remains unchangeable.

1. Find the order under “Awaiting payment” or “Awaiting shipment”

2. Click on the product name of the order

4. Click on “Edit” next to the current delivery address

5. After the change, notify your seller by Message to validate the address change.

Note: Before payment, the address could changed without seller’s acceptance, but once the order has been paid successfully, it will need seller’s acceptance after the address change application has been submitted.

What should I do if the seller fails to ship the goods over shipping deadline?

If the package is not dispatched before the expected shipping time, you can contact the seller to find out if dispatch is imminent. If he does not answer you, or you don’t need the order any more, you can directly cancel the order by following the procedure below:

1. Click on this link and login.

2. Click Request Refund to the right of the order. Please refer here to get more help on how to do.

3. Choose the reason for cancellation and submit.

Tracking Your Items

How to track my package?

Once the order is shipped, a tracking number will be systematically communicated. It is recommended to regularly track the package with the package number (not the order number) on 17Track. Please note, some delivery methods require 7-10 days before the package can be tracked online.

Why does the tracking number not updated?

The seller is responsible for providing you with a tracking number for your order after it has been shipped. The tracking information will appear on the shipping carrier’s website after 5\7\10 business days, depending on the shipping carrier that was used.

If you have not received the tracking information from the seller, then please contact the seller and ask him/her to contact the shipping company in order to obtain the tracking information. If the seller does not respond to your request or provide you with the correct tracking number, you can then open a dispute on

To open a dispute on, please Sign in to “My Skynexst”. Once you have signed in, click on “Orders” to reveal the drop-down menu list, then click on “Active Orders” and select “Shipped”. You will then see a list of all your shipped items. Now click “Return & Refund” and choose “Invalid tracking number” as the reason. Please see illustrated below:

What should I do if the order is returned to the seller?

First check the tracking of the package on 17Track or your local post website. If the package is marked returned, you may open a dispute for the refund or reshipping request. Please take a screenshot of the package tracking page and then use it as evidence when you open the dispute.

What should I do if the package is lost?

First check the tracking of the package on the 17Track or your local post office website:

– Parcel still in transit: if the estimated delivery time is exceeded, you can open a dispute for the non-receipt of the parcel.

– Parcel marked as distributed: please obtain a non-receipt certificate from your local post office before opening a dispute.

Can I change the address after the seller ships the order?

Once the order has been shipped, the delivery address can no longer be changed in the system. However, you can try to contact the seller by Message to find out if the last minute change is still possible.

What if my order is sent to the wrong address?

Contact the seller first by Message to find out if the provided parcel number is incorrect. If the seller does not respond, you can open a dispute for the refund request and report it to Online Service.

To find out how to open a dispute, go to the Dispute section of the Help Center.

What if the seller sends it to the wrong shipping carrier?

The seller can possibly change the transport company in order to optimize the delivery time. However, the level of the transport method must remain the same. Example, if you chose DHL, the seller can also ship the package with TNT, but not with ePacket. If the parcel is shipped with an inferior shipping method, you can open a dispute for the refund of the shipping cost, after you receive the parcel. In addition, if customs taxes are requested following a change in delivery method, these charges must be borne by the seller.

Customs & Import Tax

Who is going to bear the Customs & Import Taxes?

You will probably be charged to the customs fees on items ordered from Skynexst, as your purchases on Skynexst are considered imports since the packages are shipped from overseas.

Note: Customs taxes are not included in the price of the item or in the delivery costs.

The taxes may depend on where your order was sent from, the type of items you bought, their value and the weight of the package. Different countries may have different tax policies regarding specific products. It’s always best to confirm this with the seller or your local customs authority.

To avoid any unforeseen surprises, please pay attention to the following:

• Ask the seller if you need to pay any additional import duties, taxes or other customs-related charges.

• Contact your local post or customs office to find out more about your country’s customs duties and taxes.

• Import duties, taxed or other customs-related charges are normally collected by the shipping company upon delivery.

• Sellers are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country.

• Additional costs or delays may occur during international trade.

• Some sellers offer domestic delivery. This means that they will send your order from a warehouse in your country. In this case, you won’t be asked to pay for any additional customs duties and taxes.

If my parcel is seized by Customs what should i do?

If the items are detained by Customs after the shipment has left the seller’s country, the buyer is responsible for clearance of the detained items. It is the buyer’s responsibility for any Customs duty fees that may be charged upon delivery. How the import duty will be charged depends on each country’s custom policies.

If your items can not be cleared at Customs, you need to provide Skynexst with the letter authorized by customs stating why they have been seized.

These refer to cases in which the packages are held in detention at your Customs. The dispatching party should be responsible for providing evidence to explain the detention.

Case 1: If the item is held in detention at the dispatching party’s Customs, Skynexst should make a full refund to the buyer.

Case 2: If Customs proves that the detention happens because the item is prohibited or a replica subject to a fine, Skynexst should make a full refund to the buyer.

Case 3: If no written certification is provided by Customs about the detention, the goods are deemed to be en route and Skynexst should handle the case based under the context that the shipping information is incomplete.

How to ask for an invoice?

*Reminder: Skynexst is only a platform provided for buyers and sellers.

Therefore, when requesting for an invoice, buyers shall contact their sellers directly as they are the real providers.

Complete Orders

How do I complete an order to release the payment?

If the item received is different from the product description, please open a dispute as soon as possible. This way, Skynexst can hold your payment until you and the seller solve the problem.

If you are satisfied with the merchandise, please visit “My Skynexst” and click the “Order Has Been Received” button so that we can release the payment to the seller. You are also expected to leave feedback for each order. Please note that you cannot request a Return & Refund after clicking “Item Has Been Received”.

What should I pay attention to when complete an order?

Before confirming receipt of the order, make sure you have reviewed the item received as confirmation of receipt will release payment to the seller. If the item received is not as described or if the order is not received in full, you can open a dispute without needing to confirm receipt.

If you already confirmed receipt of the order by carelessness, you can still open after-sales dispute within 7-30 days. To find out how to open an after-sales dispute, please refer to the Dispute section of our help center.

Release Payment Policy

When skynexst will release payment on order:

  • You click the button “Order has been received”
  •  The item is delivered, and then the seller Request Payment
  •  The system will automatically release the money to the seller 120 days after the order is shipped.


When the seller requests the payment, you will receive an email The Payment of Your Skynexst Order will be Released to Seller.

After receiving this email,

If you received the item and it is good, we will release the payment to the seller after 5 days and this transaction will be closed.

If you have any other questions or encounter any of the following three situations, please follow these steps:

1. I don’t received the item.

Please refer to What should I do if the item is not receive?

2. I haven’t received my parcel but it shows “Delivered”.

Please refer to I haven’t received my parcel but it shows “Delivered”.

3. The item is not as described

Please refer to What should I do if the item is not as described?