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Skynexst is a cryptocurrency-only peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products and services using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Open to buyers & sellers in 120+ countries worldwide. Operating since 2018 as a private luxury marketplace, today our platform invites buyers and sellers to transact with each other using cryptocurrency across various categories; cars, motorcycles, watches, property, land, electronics, artwork, clothing, collectables, digital and more. The native currency of the platform is Bitcoin, we currently accept Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash. In Q4 of 2022 we'll be looking at supporting more cryptocurrencies and integrating with third-party wallet applications. A key component to real-world adoption is to use cryptocurrency as it was originally intended, as a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash. A technology that allows anyone in the world to make a payment from one party to another in a fast, cheap and secure manner without the need to go through a financial institution.

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Skynexst first made waves in Europe’s e-commerce market after its introduction in 2012. We have since grown to become Europe’s largest platform for online shopping with a network spread across in Europe and Asia africa, middle east, and the rest of the world. Our vision was to provide a safe, efficient online marketplace platform for vendors and customers across the world to come together. We started off exclusively as an online fashion retail platform and over the years expanded to become a complete one-stop solution for all your buying needs. Skynexst prides itself on not being just another ecommerce venture in the world. We work tirelessly to make sure that we provide users with the best online online shopping experience and value for their purchases. Whether you shop online through our website or our online shopping mobile App, you can expect easy navigation, customized recommendations, and a smooth online shopping experience guaranteed. Select from the Largest Online Marketplace in Europe With over 3 million products to select from, Skynexst offers its customers the most comprehensive listing of products in the country. Whether you’re looking for electronics, apparel, appliances, or groceries – there is something for everyone.